FinTech Series: Practical AI Execution in Banks and Insurance
30 MAR
A practical workshop targets to non-tech executives, which shares the A.I. applications in banking and insurance industries including Regtech, KYC, Proptech, Smart Insurance, Customer Analytics, Data Lake, etc ...

Preparatory Course for CPFA® - Citizen Data Scientist
Obtain 3 certificates below to become a CPFA Citizen Data Scientist ...
01 APR Big Data Fundamental for Apache Projects (CF)
06 APR Certificate in Apache Hadoop User (CU.HD)
16 APR Certificate in Apache Hadoop Engineer (CE.HD)
18 APR
本課程的目的是為金屬衝壓業從業員度身訂制的資歷架構第 5 級課程,介紹各項嶄新技術與管理系統,教授相關知識及實務技巧,以滿足行業現時需求 ...

More Courses about Technology

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