The need for growth in FutureSkills is imminent, which is also the focus of HKPC Academy in helping companies develop their talent and equip them with the skill set for the future.

We provide a learning gateway for the most advanced and relevant technology programmes in the market under the following categories:
• Advanced Technology & Smart Management
• AI, Digital Transformation & Cyber Security
• Industry 4.0 & Enterprise 4.0
• Technical Engineering & Facilities

Click here for a video covering what the FutureSkills are.

Social Media Analytics & Sentiment Analysis in Retail
14 Jan 2021
This programme aims at enabling retail industry practitioners to apply Social Media Analytics and Sentiment Analysis in the industry, which include digital marketing, social listening and customer satisfaction. Participants will learn how to apply Data Analytics, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Deep Learning techniques to textual data processing and understanding.

Improve the High-Quality Code Awareness of Development Workshop (2 days)
21 Jan 2021
This course will share how to improve the intrinsic quality of your project codes and development methodologies. Participants will learn the tricks to improve code quality, and be able to answer what the “bad smell” of codes is. Participants will also learn to build the right attitude to be pragmatic and professional programmers.
  Date Courses    

  25 Jan 2021 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) Certification  
  26 Jan 2021 Cyber Security Workshop: RED / BLUE Team Pentest Kungfu Series  
  27 Jan 2021 Essential Workshop for an Accelerated Path to Successful Cloud Adoption  
  29 Jan 2021 Understanding Blockchain Technologies & Applications: An Experiential Programme  
  29 Jan 2021 [網絡研討會] 5G 技術系列:5G智慧城市    
  29 Jan 2021 Industry 4.0 x Blockchain for Smart Manufacturing  
  01 Feb 2021 Machine Learning in Manufacturing Industry 4.0 & Application (Entry Level)  
  06 Feb 2021 STEM One Day Winter Camp Micro:bit Smart Home Design    
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