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Door Opens
HKPC Shows Homegrown Technology to Public

Awesome! In pursuit of smart city, we are having the refreshing look and new exhibition halls themed “Digital@HKPC” and “Living@HKPC”. A chance of taking a glance is over to you now - HKPC will host an Open Day for the public on 25 May.

On the day, you will be able to see HKPC’s new halls with exclusive outdoor setup and exhibition area, where you will be indulged in the digital transformation and smart living with our state-of-the-art innovations through interactive exhibits, case sharing and treasure hunt. Adding fun to your enjoyment, robotic boxing show will also be on, that you can imagine kids around you are holding popcorns and balloons to cheer for the competing robots.

At the same occassion, Inno Space of HKPC and Maker Club will jointly organise an “Inno Fair”, to showcase the local teacher-student innovations and hold workshops with various themes. Just steps from the Kowloon Tong Station, do come with families and friends to our joyous innovative Saturday!

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AI Impulse 2019

As far as we know, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the catalyst to business success yet the key of such success will vary with the adoptions. We have thus invited global commercial and academic experts to come on 17 June 2019, sharing the latest trend and ideas of applications together. With the quest, we will visit the “Flexible Assembly Smart Factory” of Foxconn (Shenzhen) and Huawei’s headquarter in Shenzhen on the following day. Interested parties please click here to enrol!

Event Recap and Preview

“A 5G Revolution: What does it mean for me?” Forum Recap

Co-organising with the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association, the forum invited global ICT companies and corporate users to promote the development of 5G technology. Disruptive technology is believed to enable local enterprises to grasp new business opportunities. We are pleased with the staunch support and warm response.

Hong Kong Retail Innovation Day 2019 Recap

Enterprise 4.0 (e4.0) comes to be the top of all industries’ agenda, particularly the retail industry. As such, we have been holding the “Hong Kong Retail Innovation Day” these two years with the sponsorships and unfailing supports across the industries. This particular forum was attended by more than 200 participants with positive feedback. We would like to take the chance to thank all supporting organisations, especially the keynote speakers, eBay and McDonald’s Hong Kong.

Recognising Organisations for Outstanding Environmental Performance
“2019 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence” Opens for Enrolment

To recognise the outstanding performance in green management for companies and organisations, the Presentation Ceremony of 2018 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) and Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification (HKGOC) was held previously and a total of 208 organisations with gold, silver, bronze awards and certificates of merit were honoured at the Ceremony. What’s more, a total of six projects have respectively achieved gold, silver, bronze awards and certificates of merit in Hong Kong Green Innovations Awards (HKGIA). At the same time, seven awardees were recognised under the new Outstanding Green Achiever Commendation Scheme for their outstanding performance in driving environmental enhancement in their respective organisations, 25 Outstanding HKAEE Promotional Partners were recognised for their substantial efforts in promoting the schemes and 14 events won the “Green Outdoor Event” titles for adopting environmental practices and reducing waste when organising outdoor events. Click here to view the full awardee list.

The Ceremony also kick-started a new round for the schemes - The 2019 HKAEE and HKGIA are now open for enrolment till 21 June 2019. The Outstanding Promotional Partner Commendation Scheme and Outstanding Green Achiever Commendation Scheme will also continue this year. Applications for the HKGOC and the Green Outdoor Event Commendation Scheme are accepted all year round. The schemes are organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee, together with the Environmental Protection Department and major chambers in Hong Kong with HKPC as the technical consultant. A series of seminars will be organised in May and June with winning companies to share green tips and experience. Interested parties please register online or call us at 2788 5903.

Discovering HKPC
e4.0 Starts from Design Thinking

A successful product is what has solved the pain points of the market. Instead of going through trial and error, enterprises have to collect the points at the beginning of product development. Co-established with Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (Fraunhofer IPT), “The HATCH” is here at HKPC building, to help enterprises with designing the customer-centric thinking process, gradually move on to realise Enterprise 4.0 (e4.0). Contact us at 2788 6262 if you wish to find out this effective and efficient way.

What’s Hot
2019 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Smart Productivity

Many local companies are running smarter than ever by deploying new technologies. “The Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Smart Productivity” is to recognise local companies on their continual outstanding attainment of high-value productivity and encourage the birth of more smart enterprises. The Awards is now open for entries. Hong Kong companies or organisations are invited to join. The closing date for entries is 6 June 2019. Enter competition now or click here for more details.

Study Mission to International Textile and Garment Machinery Show (ITMA) 2019

ITMA has been known as the “Olympics” of the textile machinery industry. This study mission will lead textile and garment entrepreneurs to visit ITMA and to understand the success and roadmap of the textile and fashion brands in Spain and France. Apart from the entrepreneurs, this study mission welcomes anyone in the textile/garment production and trade businesses as well as all interested parties. Please visit here to find out more details.

More Added Value
RTTP Courses

The newly launched Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP) subsidises local enterprises to nurture talents in advanced technologies and i4.0 related aspects, to help companies stay ahead of the game. A course themed “Big Data Analytics: Internet of Things Sensor Data and Time Series Analysis” will be commencing in May, and is now open for registration.

This course has been approved by RTTP which subsidises local companies for up to two-thirds of the tuition fees. There is no limits on the number of eligible trainees from each company for each training course. Applications for training grant should be submitted to the RTTP Secretariat at least two weeks before the course commencement.

Course Title: Big Data Analytics: Internet of Things Sensor Data and Time Series Analysis
Course Date: 30-31 May 2019
Enquiry: Tel.: 2788 6271
Click for Details or Enrolment

In the era of digital transformation, industries for example, retail, finance and medical science have been adopting the AI technologies. Those advanced AI technologies consist of more than one sensor, relying on network to send over the collected data between cloud platform and sensors. Thus, enterprises and developers have to pay attention to security, below a few tips to note:

  • Select reliable and reputable platform to make sure a safe environment for data collection and transfer.
  • Choose an approved data base to avoid alleged infringement of patent rights.
  • Check the data base and platform regularly.
  • Receive trainings to obtain the market news and trends.

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