Title of Entry :V-girl
Company :Artificial Life, Inc.
Introduction :
- 3G, 3D interactive mobile game
- Award by Ericsson as the Best Mobile Game 2004
- User's goal: develop friendship with V-girls
- Over 3,000 scenes with continuous storyline and 3D animations updates
- Artificial intelligence technology embedded. V-girls can talk over 35,000 subjects
- Support all natural language chatting
- Text-to-speech function, real time video and audio streaming
- Sophisticated user profiling to deliver unique user experiences
All original and in-house production. Over 2 years of development efforts. V-girl is a registered trademark.

All original.
Innovative in-game product placement opportunities that we provide innovative and interactive means to promote certain products, companies and TV commercials.
Entertainment Value :
Continuous update of the V-girl's daily life. Different interactions and activities depending on your log-in time. Music elements and movies will be included in the game as well.
Technology :
Combination of high quality 3D graphics with A.I. and 3G technology.
Business Potential:
All global 3G markets.