Title of Entry :Mcdull, Prince de la Bun
Company :Bliss Pictures Ltd
Introduction :
McDull, Prince de la Bun

The good days at Spring Flower Kindergarten is coming to an end. But all hope is not lost. Cash will come in the form of compensation once the redevelopment hits.

Living in the neighbourhood are Mrs. McBing and her son McDull. She too is counting on the compensation money. A hausfrau who compulsively collects things in life, she is now faced with another problem: McDull shakes his leg.

Busy between collecting things, curing McDull's leg shaking and trying her hand in writing, Mrs. McBing sets about to retell the story of her husband, Prince de la Bun, aka McBing.

The story of Prince de la Bun is the story of a useless little prince who came out from his palace to travel, lost his way home somehow and grew up convinced that he had become a common, humble and happy man until one sad afternoon when the former prince decided to go back to his past. Like that, McBing evaporated from this part of the world, leaving Mrs. McBing and his son McDull behind.

It is in this way that McDull learns the story of his old man.

As is, just when the redevelopment is about to hit the kindergarten, the responsible Counsel is dismissed by the government. Another bubble busted.

As about McDull shaking his leg... Yes, that shake, it gives the moment a touch of substance.

100% originality in story, script, characters, and theme songs, etc.
Creativity apply to the story and the narrative structure, it is a very new and exceptional attempt for animated features.
Entertainment Value :
Like a fairy tale but touch on a very serious subject matter, it is a perfect combination of humorous but philosophical issues.
Technology :
Special use of 2D and 3D fusion which is a very unique art direction for the feature.
Business Potential:
In Hong Kong, theatrical released in 2004 with subsequent release of DVD/VCD and Musical CDs, later on Cable TV. Further distributions in Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan and a few European countries.