Title of Entry:Little Fighter Online
Company :U1 Technology Company Ltd
Introduction :
It is because of its unique online game pattern, LFO is the first MMO action RPG game in the world. It does not simply allows players to enjoy the game together through Internet, but the instant messaging tool that built inside the game engine provides a nice platform for them to know each other and make new friends. We use a special method that we call it 'mult-3D-layers' to create the game background in order to make the virtual world looks more real. Furthermore, there are more than 30 special designed characters; each comes with different moves, stories, weapons, armors and magic spells. With the addition of 3D CG animation and very nice sound music, this game should generate big noise in the market.
Starting from game pattern, character design, character motion, stories and music, everything is originally created by our production team.
We start making LFO from zero and until now, the game has stories, music, and different missions, you can imagine this job require a lot of creativity.
Entertainment Value :
LFO allows players to control the own character and use keyboard to enter their command. Since the real time action require players to respond in a short period of time, the enjoyment and excitement that LFO brings is very high.
Technology :
The development of our server and client architecture is a very difficult task. Since the speed of LFO is very fast, the communication between client and server must be short and simple in order to maintain the high speed. The addition of instant messaging system and other database programming makes the software become very complicated.
Business Potential:
We had a record of 3 million players download our last version of Little Fighter. Players are from different part of the world and mainly Asian region. We start selling LFO for 3 months and we already have 40 thousand users now. We need to expand of network from 1 server to 4 servers.