Title of Entry :Langham Place Launch
Company :Menfond Electronic Art and Computer
Design Co Ltd
Introduction :
To launch the new, contemporary and multi-functional shopping landmark of Hong Kong and to promote its exciting shopping experience to teenage target consumers, LANGHAM PLACE needs a trendy, creative, and memorable advertising campaign. Nothing will be more attractive and trendy than a vivid, stylish and charming computer-generated lady ambassador. This gave birth of NADIA, Asia's first computer-generated star with real-world mission - to promote and represent LANGHAM PLACE.
NADIA is the next-generation digital humanoid, unlike her other former-kind-alike "Virtual Idols" who were stiff with no emotion, NADIA is organic, cute and has a flash personality. We treat her as a real star; for which we put her into all kinds of media. Our first launch campaign included TV commercials, outdoor and transportation print posters, radio, and tens of magazine covers & stories.
The promotion campaign has been very successful. Today, NADIA has won the minds of shoppers and audiences, and they recognize LANGHAM PLACE being a new trendy shopping landmark of Hong Kong. Since its Grand Opening, LANGHAM PLACE was delighted to have massive traffic of shoppers and curious guests from different age groups, many of whom had been attracted by our charming spokesperson, NADIA.
Originality :
The ambition of Creating NADIA was not just a gimmick for the Launch Promotion Campaign of LANGHAM PLACE. NADIA is designed to be the statute or goddess of LANGHAM PLACE. She not only speaks for the opening of LANGHAM PLACE but also has a longer term meaning of existence. NADIA has her own embassy mission to link LANGHAM PLACE with the targeted consumers and public. The Grand Opening Campaign will be followed by a series of promotional activities, in which NADIA will continue to play a key role, to introduce its facilities and other shopping experiences such as new theatre, dinning, and special holiday activities. NADIA is the Soul of LANGHAM PLACE!
Creativity :
The creative setup of the whole advertising and promotion campaign for LANGHAM PLACE is designed as "messages through story drama". The Launch campaign was the first wave. This first wave comprises 4 pieces of TV Commercials. The first TV Commercial serves to arouse the public interests. Together with publication on outdoor media, radio and various printed media coverage, the other 3 TV Commercials, which each screen short appearance of NADIA, implant into the public's mind the message "NOW OPEN" (of LANGHAM PLACE). After the Grand Opening of LANGHAM PLACE, "Have you been to LANGHAM PLACE?" is expected to become a talk of the town. Through the Launch Campaign, NADIA's personality and her mission have been clearly set and the public is now tying NADIA with LANGHAM PLACE. NADIA's image is prompting people to think of LANGHAM PLACE. Future campaign will include Comics and Adventure Stories of NADIA.
Entertainment Value :
The first launch campaign of LANGHAM PLACE included 4 TV commercials, outdoor and transportation print posters, radio, and tens of magazine covers & stories. Since the computer-generated representative, NADIA, can perform impossible actions as well as subtle facial emotions, she can play elegant, sporty, mysterious, funny, and even sexy! It is an enjoyment watching LANGHAM PLACE TV commercials and all her printing materials! Teenagers are now collecting her graphics! Please enjoy the submitted DVD and print materials
Technology :
To create a lively, pretty, attractive, funny and sexy computer-generated humanoid represents great challenges to the combination of skills and technology. We need to transform all creative elements to digital data. The platform that we used to create the animation of NADIA was Maya. Based on Maya, some plug-in and skills have been developed to create our goddess:
(1) Her body: Her body was perfectly modeled where all NURBS surfaces were perfectly
 merged. To create the elasticity of her skin, special surface point arrangement has been carefully enveloped around all joints areas.
(2) Her hair: Her hair is not generated by "off-the-shelf-hair-simulation-program".
 Instead, we want to create a special looking for her hair which shall give a sharp impression. In fact, her hair is one of NADIA's memorable features. A wave-collision driver has been applied to NADIA's hair to create a "soft" feeling.
(3) Her movements:Since NADIA has her own personality, her gestures and movements are
 specially designed. No existing live actress can perform NADIA as close to her definition. However, we need a lively NADIA that her action can be as smooth as human yet exceed our natural limitations. Therefore, we have developed a new digital skeleton with inter-relationship and intuitive controls so that our animators can "perform" her actions using computer controls.
(4) Her emotion:Advancing our pre-developed Blue Fairy Facial Expression System, NADIA
 acts even more vivid than most human movie stars! Blue Fairy Facial Expression System promises flexible, consistent and efficient facial animations.
(5) Her clothes:NADIA is fashionable. Special digital texture has been mixed with cloth
 simulation to make her clothes special; with micro-reflection, with super stiffness crossover flexibility, etc.
NADIA is a convergence of Computer Animation Technology, Production Skills, Creativity and Experience
Business Potential:
The Launch Campaign of LANGHAM PLACE is a very good example of a successful piece of digital development work with good commercial values. In short term, given the success of NADIA in representing LANGHAM PLACE, its appearance in many of the planned advertising and promotion campaigns will require development and production services from us and contribute to our revenues. From the perspective of the industry, the impacts created by the successful campaigns of LANGHAM PLACE are going to promote the use of next generation digital humanoid for different commercial applications; therefore drive the growth and advancement of the Digital Creative Industry of Hong Kong.